I grew up in eastern Switzerland, on my parents’ farm. After completing my schooling, I embarked on a three-year agricultural apprenticeship.

When that finished and I had received my federal certificate in agriculture, I looked after farming businesses whose regular managers had been called up for military service, were on holiday or ill. I worked in construction, landscaping and assembly.

Between the basic and NCO training stages of my military service, I spent a summer learning about cheese production on an alp in the canton of Graubünden.

After NCO training, I planned my stay abroad. I opted to go to the US and it all worked out very well. The flight I took to the US in spring 2001 was the start of a new life for me.

I worked for six months in Oregon at a large winery, then travelled for two months, visiting western Canada and the west coast of America – from Seattle to San Diego, then on to Chicago and Ontario. It was a truly life-changing time for me.

The dramatic change happened through a personal encounter with the life-altering and unconditional love of God – a life force that completely changed me inside and literally made me a different being. It was as if a light had been turned on. I was able to understand and experience, in my own mind, body and soul, that Jesus Christ, by rising from the dead after three days, really did conquer all negative forces affecting our lives and overcame all lethal energies. By doing so, he was the first of many to show us how we can and may live on this beautiful Earth, just as we pray:

on Earth as it is in Heaven!

It was quite incredible, because I had rejected it, simply because I couldn’t believe it. Until that moment, I had not personally experienced inner spirituality, let alone in relation to Jesus Christ and what his death on the cross and subsequent resurrection had achieved, or what he meant when he spoke about granting us/showing us the way to abundant life.
Since these experiences, I am able to appreciate more and more every day that what Jesus Christ did for us can be felt and experienced – right here and now, really and truly. True forgiveness is possible. Hate and cruelty can give way to love and kindness. Instead of anxiety and worry, there can be peace and trust.

The power of the Holy Spirit is constantly reinforcing me from within and fills me with a deep sense of inner peace, no matter what’s happening on the outside. The strength of God’s love increasingly gives me the freedom – both internally and externally – to imagine, like never before, that life can be so beautiful. I experience this as a constant, as something that has no end or limits, like a spring that never stops flowing. Like a spring in the mountains that becomes a stream, then a river, then a lake and finally a sea.
Time and again, I find that the almighty God’s greatest priority and wish is simply for every human being, every person, to be who they ARE – for each one of them to be able to live in an unending sea of love and happiness.
As a loving father, God the Creator made everything – the Earth, the Heavens, the plants, animals and people – out of love and for love, because he is love.
With love, each of us is free and can set others free.
This divine and eternal life, this love, this power, this freedom is available to all who are open to receiving it.

I have also worked in the past in agriculture and landscaping, while at the same time completing a business degree and training to be a federally certified Cat. B driving instructor.
At JUST-B GmbH, I have been in charge of

I take great pleasure in the practicality of passing on the simple things in life to other people and then watching how they blossom.

Of course, through this I discover more and more what it means to live a fulfilled life.

What it means, in fact, to be life itself – no longer separate from it but completely at one with love and one’s innermost being. Reconciled with God through Jesus Christ, who has set me free to live a new kind of life, which in the here and now flows ever powerfully from within me, into my body and soul and out towards people, animals and plants.